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Your 'TeamSpeak Identity'


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In an effort to clean up TeamSpeak and fix our permissions system, we feel people should understand how your TeamSpeak identity works and what you should do if you access our TeamSpeak from multiple devices. (ex. another computer or a mobile device.)




Your TeamSpeak Identity stores all your permissions across all of the TeamSpeak servers you visit. If you are a member of any of our server groups like AW Member, Ahoy +, Ahoy Admin, or a channel group like a music streamer, we do request that you backup your identity. If you use more than one device to access the AhoyWorld Teamspeak, you MUST import your identity to your other computers/devices. Doing this keeps the client list on our server clean and organised.


To export your TeamSpeak Identity, follow these steps:


1. Click Settings at the top of your TeamSpeak

2. Click Identities

3. Click Export

4. You will be prompted with a security message (click yes)

5. The next window will require you to name the .ini file. Name it and save it in a location you can remember.


To import your TeamSpeak Identity, follow these steps:


1. Locate your identity .ini file

2. Click Settings at the top of your TeamSpeak

3. Click Import




If you're accessing AhoyWorld's TeamSpeak from different device, this is a requirement if you want to keep your permissions.

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