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Modded and Vanilla Minecraft Back


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Ahoyworld Vanilla Minecraft and Ahoyworld Modded Minecraft have returned.

The minecraft server's have been brought back and are better than ever. Both the Vanilla and the Modded server have had massive overhauls and are now updated and working to great capacity. Read more to find out how to join.







Vanilla IP Address: Mc.ahoyworld.co.uk:25565

Modded IP Address: Mc.ahoyworld.co.uk:25566



Vanilla is back as before. Includes all the original plugins from the beginning that let you claim land and stop griefing, and the ability to move between worlds. The worlds included at the moment are Survival, Hubworld and Creative but more may be brought in in the future.

There are no special requirements for this server. It is using the latest recommended version and will be updated as new versions are introduced.



The modpack we are using is called the "Yogscast complete" and contains many many mods to give a long playing experience. 

There are lots of things to do for both new and adept Minecraft players.


To get the modpack just use the following instructions:


1. Visit http://www.atlauncher.com/downloads/ and download the relevant download for your OS.


2. Once this has installed, open it and you will see the launcher. From here choose "Packs"



3. In the "Yogscast complete pack" tab, choose "New instance"



4.Name the instance whatever you like then click install (Current Version:



5.Tick the boxes next to all the mods not crossed out in this picture then click install:




6.Once it has finished installing, navigate to the "instances" panel and click play.



Please note that you must be whitelisted to join the modded server. To be considered for the whitelist, please complete the form found here

Please be patient with Minecraft applications as the Admins have lives too and may take some time to check over your application.

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Fingers crossed its solved then. Any word on dynamap?

Dynmap was deleted in the server reinstall since it was a such a massive file.

I will be reinstalling it soon and recreating the permissions for it :)

Watch this space

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Currently awaiting kam to open the ports for dynamap.


Once that is done and prox is back (since hes off having this weird thing called a relationship on saturdays) the dynamap should work

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I opened that port long ago mate...

Yeah still not working weirdly. Gonna have to try a full reinstall when I get the time. 


But it's not completely necessary since there is a kinda in-built version of it called mapwriter.

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