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Spintires released on steam last night


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I finished my download at 1am last night and managed to crank in another 3 hours of gametime.


Didn't have that much fun for a while !!


It's not that expensive, and i can guarantee that everyone of us that is even remotely related to a motor-head will enjoy this game.


Check the vid (and skip it around a bit past the boring parts)


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Apart from actual physics you also get an actual working logging crane, and even better: a Winch on all vehicles :) 


After being broke down, i pulled my little UAZ behind my truck all the way back to the garage from the far end of the map.


Maybe tonight i will try drive the full articulated truck&trailer combination in the mud, and test if i can reach the garage :)

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Been streaming it all day, excellent game. The garage trailer is the same size as the trailers in truck sim etc, it's only when it's in a situation like this that you come to appreciate how big it really is.


Love the game, it's fantastic. Managed to complete 'coast' level today! :)

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Glad you like it dave :) 


I remember talking about this game back in the early days when joining AW, this game has been in tech-demo for so long, that i never expected it ever to be launched. And it's come a long way since than.


So now it is time to see how that trailer behaves in the mud, and see if i can take it to the second garage on the first map.....  With 2 trucks i think i just might have a change to reach it all the way there, what do you recon ?

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Picked up full game tonight, played the tech demo for what must be over a year now, can wait till they get some of the mod vehicles from that added over to this :)


Almost made it the engine stalled before i could push it upright with the crane :(,

Coast map trying to get across the centre via the lake with the Uaz in tow, lost both to a watery grave but got the Diver achievement :) so not all bad



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