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Increasing player capacity on the Ahoyworld EU 1 server.

Denis P


Well, to be honest the title should be pretty self-explanatory, but for those who need a better explanation, I will... ahem... explain.


I've often found myself camping the server list while spamming the enter button in hopes of finally taking a slot on your Invade and Annex server. Let's face it, the AhoyWorld server is fairly popular, and there seem to be more slots in the class selection menu than there are of total player slots available on the server.


As such, I feel inclined to suggest that you increase the server capacity from 45 players to 60 players, so that I won't have to spam the join button while watching the server list.


Until your server gets even more popular, at which point I will suggest that you increase the server capacity even further, but we'll burn that bridge when we get there.

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I'll bite,

If we could, would love to have a server with 60 slots (or even 100) but for a number of reasons this isn't possible. 

Our Server runs usually with approx 5 to 45 players the mission has organically developed to give the greatest number of people the greatest amount of enjoyment and the mission can be fun with only a few people to a full server. 

With 60 people it would be just too many people and the AO would be over almost as soon as it starts.

Before you say just have more missions read on....

While it's possible to up the number of slots to 60 all of those 60 players would have terrible frames so that would be no fun for anyone. so that's a no go

Okay so just get a spanking new 4 or 8 socket beast of a xeon box to run it! Yeah great idea but we'd need wayyyy more of the moneys to do that!!

Sorry we would if we could but we can't 


If you wanna get us something for xmas one of these and 8 of these


also som ram (a few tb should be enough)

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Just to add to what Zissou said we usually have eu#2 up too!

I know that, but I think I can recall the other server being hosted by the same host as EU 1. Wouldn't it be better to remove EU 2 and add a few more slots to EU 1 instead?

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Hop in EU2, fill it up. that's what it's for :)


"but EU2 is empty" yeah it's empty because 10 people have checked ahoyworld eu1 and seen that it's full and not bothered to connect to eu2

oh just read your last post, no. Arma doesn't work like that sadly. It's better to host in small fragments than combine them

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