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Need HELP with arma 3 server


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Okay i want to make a invade/annex map for tactical realism training/Boot camp and such for my community. I am using hfb servers and i am wondering on how to put the ahoy annex and invade latest verison on my server. its a 50 slot.

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Hi there, a few things in human resources to ask as it isn't as simple as pumping money into a hosting company and grabbing the mission. Ill write up n informative post around 20 hours time (social commitments and work to attend)

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I have returned!

So you can't just pump money into a hosting company and expect it to be exactly like you wanted, in the same way you can pay for a car but if you don't know how to drive it's almost useless.


you've mentioned your server is 50 slot, it will change depending on the mission that is hosted, however it will not exceed the max limit set in the server config. So don't be alarmed if it drops below 50. After all missions don't change to servers, it's the other way around.


Every mission you've ever played online can be found on your pc, after all it downloads it but to where i hear you ask?

 C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Arma 3

This folder contains report files but more importantly for you, the mp missions. 


After that edit the pbo to suit your needs.

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