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Removing the Gryphons from the UI


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Stumbled across this recently and thought it may be quite useful. It'll get rid of the gryphons on each side of the main bar at the bottom of your screen. I've taken them away and put a recount window in each of the corners - they fit nice and snug now!

Anyways, just type this in to your chat and it'll remove them.

/run MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide(); MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide()[/CODE]

And if you want them to come back, it's as you've probably guessed:

[CODE]/run MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Show(); MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Show()[/CODE]

Enjoy! :) I should probably note that this'll only do it once and if you re-log the gryphons will re-appear. I just made a macro. Will look at how to make it permanently effect your UI...

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