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Frequent CTD & Failure to Load Mission File


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Hey guys, 


Regular player on ahoy, thought I'd submit this here as the support forum hasn't been active in three months. I+A co op has been my gamemode of choice for a good few months now and I love the continued effort put in to make ahoy world a better experience. Kudos to all the admins and dev team. 


Sadly, recently I've been plagued by technical worries that seem to be server specific. Obviously I've verified my install and stripped out any mods to troubleshoot these problems. A few days back the game would CTD repeatedly when trying to load the mission file, other servers would load fine. This is in conjunction with "buffer overflow"  and appcrash errors that seem to occur mostly in the heat of a firefight rather than when idling or in transit. I've also dropped my settings significantly, I read somewhere that this might be to do with overclocks? I've got my i5 2500k oc'd to a modest 3.8, though I'm failing to see how that would cause these CTDs. 


I know arma is a diamond in the rough and I'm prepared to tough it out with these crashes, but any help would be really appreciated. 



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