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luke [CLOSED]


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Ingame Name:



Why do you think you were banned?:

Team killing in base.


When were you banned?:

~ 5-6 Months ago.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?:

Because back then i was an inconsiderate noob to the Arma community. I've been playing a lot of Arma recently and can fully understand and appreciate how annoying one individual can be. Unfortunately and to my loss i was that individual. I'm writing now fully expecting my appeal to be rejected but it is only because i have hypocritically found myself extremely pissed off at the same kind of player i used to be and so i write this as more of an apology to anyone within the Arma/AhoyWorld community that i have offended or pissed off. I hope that the core staff allow me one second chance opportunity to redeem myself and to prove that i can be a Valuable and active member of the community.


Which administrator banned you?:

Sorry, can not Remember.


Your player UID (this is available in player settings):


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Hi there Luke,


Firstly thanks for getting in touch, Ill be investigating but things look good for you right now.

Applying with the right attitude, showing change and a great deal of time has passed.


I'll just check a few other things and get back to you.


edit@ 14:53


Ban lifted, welcome back.




If there's no repeat of what happened last time (team killing + shooting a tank at base) i don't see why you can't stay :)

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