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A fresh spawn in AhoyWorld


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Hey guys, just registered to day. made my way over from the Steam group. I think i have played DayZ standalone with a couple of people from Ahoy and another group called DayZ of the Aged( for us older guys). Seems like a pretty active group of people which works for me since I am usually online at some point everyday. DayZ standalone, Rust, 7 Days to die and some minecraft here and there are the games i've been playing lately. Although im interested in getting onto Arma II mods and Arma III.


Been playing solo DayZ mostly so it'll be nice to team up. Not into KOS so much but the game has kind of turned into a PVP free for all at this point so you do what you have to do I guess. I have a youtube channel and I plan on streaming with permission as soon as get some time in here. Im in the US on the east coast. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys.


Here's my info feel free to add me. Skype: skully1393  Steam: skully1393  YouTube:skully1393 Twitch:Skullystreams.

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Welcome. I am in the Aged Group and also on the East Coast. Join us in some DayZ SA fun sometime. Check TS. Usually on every night. We don't KOS, we usually give them a few seconds.


"Rats with fists!"

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