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have followed that on the bis forums since it was announced that he was porting it to arma3, love the details in that thing, gonna use it for the next mission i make, also thinking of using the a2 apache mod that i saw which is incredibly detailed, the apache mod also supports track-ir gun-control to mimic its real-life counterpart in terms of you look at what you shoot ^^

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Have you tried out the Boeing C-17 Cargoplane? It doesn't have proper physics, but its massive and you can drive vehicles such as hunter or slammer inside it and attach it. It doesn't cause any issue while flying. However when you drop the vehicle while you are not flying straight the paradrop of the vehicle desyncs a bit, but other then that pretty nice plane to drop vehicles and load of paratroopers to AO quickly.





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Smith, It's a mod from Arma 2, ported over, Koyno and several others built the original 3d model for A2 it was not part of the original A2 models so yes he is putting BI devs to shame ;)

check his post in the BI forums he also has a few other models that he was working on before he took a break last year, he says he might release a G/F version with miniguns at the rear in place of the bubble windows

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