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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod


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Quite a few of us were playing this evening, main point being raz's blood pressure went through the roof!


Good evening though, ended up in a decent convoy with Danny, I managed to crash and block the entire road causing a traffic jam  :unsure: and all other players are nuts!  :lol:

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Tried to make some cash in SP last night after the convoys in MP broke my bank, hauled a Panzer Tank from Swansea to Allgier for €74000, was not as much fun as I thought at the start at all,

lost 9000 in rta's (stupid AI at junctions) 6000 in sleep avoiding fines cause there were never any parking bays near when my time was up, about 1000-1500 in tolls (stupid French tolls every 10 feet) 2000 - 3000 in fuel and ferries and 33000 in damage from the rta's so ended up with about 22000 and an hour and half of my life gone from stress :) so gotta get back to mainland now before swapping back to MP to avoid loosing more cash

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The SP has the advantage of better journeys with bigger payouts, but MP has no sleep and no AI. So I guess it's a balanced decision really. 

I'll probably always just do MP, at least even if the server is offline you still get no annoying AI :D

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