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With the introduction of Zeus some confusion has arisen so ill attempt to answer some frequently asked questions.


1. Who can be zeus?

Any admin can be zeus at any time. so when you're asking "hey zeus, it would be cool if we had a side mission" you should really ask "hey Zissou, d'ya think we could run an extra side mission if you have time please?" p.s. there can be more than one


2. Can we ask zeus to do stuff for us

Yes and no! to refer back to my original point, you would be asking an ADMIN who has a name. there are rare cases in which requests are acceptable (like ARMA bugs, we all know arma likes a good random explosion from time to time). But most of the time:

Asking an admin to do things for you generally will result in a no, we can't spoon feed you. You'll get used to it like a fattened child begging his mother for more cream eggs!


3. So what can admins do?

A number of things, from making main objectives more interesting, to creating their own missions, to taking over bodies and cars of enemies. providing artillery support, ammunition, decoration, nearly anything.


4. "somebody is zeus, hey raz are you spawning stuff around me?"

It doesn't matter if an admin is or isn't in zeus mode, your task is the objective regardless of whether it's an admin in another body or not. It doesn't matter if enemies bring in reinforcements, enjoy the dynamics! stop asking and start playing. Also our admins are not stupid, they have been meticulously hand picked so they won't be spawning stuff in front of your eyes, more like around corners or far away.


5. Hey you struck me down with lightning! all i was doing was running friendlies over/shooting my tank cannon at base/ trolling.

You're breaking server rules, before zeus you would have been simply kicked from the game. depending on severity perhaps even banned (after fair warning of course) Being struck with lightning is far less serious!


6. You mentioned that you wouldn't use Zeus with I&A in the past, why the change of heart?

I've got an open mind to suggestions but i always carry my own opinion through very strongly, a personal fault perhaps. We carried out a little trial of Zeus and it really caught on. Players and admins enjoying the new experiences this tool can create. Sure the performance isn't nearly as good as when a Zeus mission is running on it's own but it still adds a valuable experience according to our test


If you have any questions yourself feel free to add to this post, in a later update ill add this into the mission for all the players to see :)

Thanks for your attention - Raz

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If I may ask, why the sudden reversal in choosing to implement this into I&A? A previous post of yours stated that you did not think I&A and Zeus would fit very well together fundamentally.





Also what's with your signature? Have you been confused for core staff or an admin before?

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Also what's with your signature? Have you been confused for core staff or an admin before?


Well I mainly ask because this is in contrast to a previous statement from Raz in a Zeus related thread that I had made on the day it was released.




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Posted 10 April 2014 - 06:56 PM

Zeus will be hosted when there are hosts suitable to do so.

I&A will be used when there are no hosts


I&A Zeus would be nearly pointless, it runs its self so Zeus could really only create side missions



There is however a definite guideline i would like to run over with the zeus hosting admins before opening it up to public event hosts.

Saturday we will learn some lessons


As for my signature, I have had that on there for several months now. It is no secret that I have gotten pretty opinionated at times, and have a habit of talking about things of which I have no real clue. Its just some open disclosure to help keep me out of trouble.

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Well It was an opinion i had. It would be foolish not to listen to the majority, we tried it as a little temporary test, it really caught on and has turned out great! performance is still as crappy as I&A is, thanks for asking that question. It needed bringing up :) added to the original post.


p.s. please keep this on topic. I'll be contacting each of you off of this topic to emphasise that

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  • 1 year later...
hi so i am somebody :D

but i cant find the ahoy server if i will join @ zeus

so i must be a admin to take the zeus slot?

Admin or spartan. Spartan's are community members who have been around for a while and have proven to improve game-play using Zeus. So it might be you one day  ;)


If you can not find our servers then try direct connect  in the server browser. IP: and port 2302.

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