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Red Orchestra 2 FREE for one day only!


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I think they had to change server stuff and a lot of multiplayer fixes. Also from what I could tell there was a massive community contest and there has been new community and official maps added to the roster or something. 


Changelog for 8.5GB update: http://steamcommunity.com/app/35450/discussions/0/540738052843542391/


There is no reason for people not to get it now and we could definitely do some kind of event I think :D



Update: I have just read that following the free period for the base RO2 game, Rising Storm (The expansion) will be getting a free weekend and as such will be on sale for a discount!

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If you buy the RO2 base game, you will have access to all the Rising Storm maps, however you will be limited to using only one type of weapon.


Buying the Rising Storm game unlocks the rest of the stuff for Rising Storm.


The note on the page sums it up... PLEASE NOTE: if you own RO2 and NOT Rising Storm, you have access to rifles ONLY in Rising Storm, not the full set of weapons. Rising Storm includes ALL the RO2 multi-player components so, if you want full access to US and Japanese equipment, as well as German and Russain, buy Rising Storm (http://store.steampowered.com/app/234510/) and not RO2!

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No worries! I just want to make it clear and make sure everybody that wants it gets it while this offer is on :D


Hell, even if you don't want it, it doesn't take much to add it to your library just on the off chance you want it in the future. 

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Just an update. The Rising Storm free weekend has started now which means the game is 75% off until Sunday. If you can see yourself playing RO2 even just a little bit every now and again, £3.75 in my opinion is well worth it. 

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