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So as many of you have noticed grid 2 has been a bit of an unsuspected winner with many ahoyians and with this in mind I propose that we have a game night this weekend.

Much like last weekend it will be informal you can come and go as you please, there are no prizes and best of all, if I'm there you can't possibly lose!!! No seriously I'm so bad at this game it would break a lesser man.

The event of choice will be Destruction Derby not because we want to see who's skillz (see I'm down with the youths of today) are the best but because it's fun.

Don't join if you're gonna be all uber competitive or rage quity we will simply gang up on you!!! Also you must bear in mind that the lap bug (adds an extra lap to your race for no reason that we can figure out) can strike at any time so if you're up for a laugh and can play a game just for the fun and not the result then come along. 

Right now the game is on Steam for £20 but a quick google search will yield much cheaper options and the Destruction Derby is a free DLC. 

So who's up for it?


One Request: several of us will be streaming so can we please keep the foul language to a minimum.






Also here's what to expect!!!

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Just finished the first WSR event wtf is that ESPN crap with Toby Moody and some American commentator all about, lmaowpmsrroflmho :)

Shame Toby shame :) hope he got a good wedge of cash for it though.

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