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Well then, I've been playing allot on the AW ArmA 3 server and showed my face quite regularly on Teamspeak as well, so perhaps it's time to finally do one of these.

Here we go...

To start off, my name is Ken which you probably already got out of my nickname already. I live in the oh so controversial Netherlands (and no I don't do pot). I'm 22 and study Cybercrime at a college in Eindhoven. As of last year I'm also a co-company owner of a small IT business called ACED-IT.

I played tons of ArmA in the day, mostly the old Domination on ArmA II which naturally led me to AW and Invade and Annex. Never looked back since.

My style of play is usually diverse and I can fill almost every roll. I don't mind squad leading every once in a while. In the slow and quiet times I don't mind goofing off either. Most of the folks I got to know on AW probably already know this.

Other then that I hold no real secrets.

Hope to see you guys on the battlefield o7

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