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Hi Everyone, Lord England here...

Lord England

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Ive been a gamer since 1995. I played Simcity 2000 and Warcraft Orcs & Humans religiously! I play AhoyWorld servers almost daily and Ive met quite alot of nice people who i play DayZ and ARMA3 with, among other games. Ive played ARMA since Operation Flashpoint: CWC in 2001. I am ex military, i did 4 years in the Army as a 14J ADA (Air Defense Artillery) as a Patriot Missile Systems and Sentinel Radar Operator. I went back to school recently, i want to teach English. I like bike riding, and sunsets with long walks on the beach. Also a nice drink and a girl. Which usually works out because girls like to drink on the beach =D


Bring a blanket... you will not like a sandy vagina. lol






Lord England




add me on Steam : Ukecko72 my profile name is :ECO: Lord E 


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