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Game Night Invitation

Lorenzo {JTF2}

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Howdy my folks of Ahoy World.

Those who weren't at the 'Nam war last saturday, I extended an invitation to you AW members to join us from JTF2 in a PvP event, consisting of small squads vs big squads.

Here are the details (taken from the JTF2 site):


The game will consist in at least 3 matches BLUFOR X OPFOR where the mission game type will be defined on the go by me and NaCH. So all that you guys played in the Dynamic/PVP missions, like Ambush, Hostage Rescue, Takedown, Stronghold, and all other sorts. However! I'm increasing the difficulty a bit. Here's the details of how's it's going down:
BLUFOR: 3-men squad, 2 total;
OPFOR: 6-men squad;

TOTAL PLAYERS 12 < x < 16
BLUFOR: 3-men squad, 2 total;
OPFOR: 4/5 men squad, 2 total

TOTAL PLAYERS 16 < x < 21
BLUFOR: 3-men squad, 3 total;
OPFOR: 4-men squad, 3-men if necessary

BLUFOR: 4-men squads;
OPFOR: 4/5 men squads

Mods? The one's that are going to be used are: CBA & TFR. Supported mods: VTS Weapon Resting, Blastcore, Speed of Sound, JSRS.

If you're asking where the STHud mod you all love...it's gone. I will not allow it, I want you guys to be aware of team placing and pacing and leadership skills. Plus, there will be no communication whatsoever between Squad Leads. I will assign a radio frequency and channel for each squad, especially blufor, so that the in-squads comms doesn't happen.

Also Squad Leaders, from both sides will be picked on the fly, I will not allow pre-assigns. I will pick whoever I feel pleased.

Squad placing, depending on the objective will be random, and mission daytime may very, weather conditions too. It's dynamic missions, gotta be ready for all.

This event will happen in our server and TS will be hosted in the JTF2 server as well. Game day will be around 7pm EST/12AM GMT. Any questions, you can ask here, I'll checking on daily or you can hit me up on TS during the night, around 7 or 9 pm EST. You don't need to confirm here (if you want to well your choice!), you can just show up and play!

Cheers guys!


Lorenzo [JTF2]

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