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Though id bring up a subject regarding wargames : red dragon



If people aren't too worried about their stats, then we should start doing wargame exercises in private.

We already tried out 3v3 against each other, but i think we should try out scenarios to test tactics

and avoid countless unnecessary casualties.


For example. We can setup own scenarios to take over certain areas or towns to see what is the most

efficient way of taking it over and defend it with certain type of deck without heavily using fire- or air support.







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Once everyone starts to get hang of the game, should start trying out team specializations. NATO for example could use one airborne deck that has the capability to bring in at least 100 squads of infantry and efficient airforces to assist and reinforce team in moments notice. Also has plenty of points to get extra FOB to resupply teammates cause of the specializations low supply usage.

Should look in to other specializations and see if there are good decks for ground attacks such as mechanized or armored. All-around decks are good, but often may run out of crucial units. Support deck may seem like useless specialization, but might work in large team battles to be used as logistics manager, long range artillery, AA networks and CV purchasing. This opens up lot more activation points for the rest of the team, when they dont necesarily require Artillery, extra CVs, extra AA or FOB in their deck

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