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Infirmary Area



Ill try to keep this relatively simple. 


It is a pretty frequent occurrence of a player returning back to the base slightly injured but not to the point where the game allows the use of a FAC. With medics inevitably out in the field doing what they do, this presents an issue of players entering the next battle at less-than-perfect condition.


Would it be possible to set up one of the side-rooms of the base terminal as an infirmary that has either an usable object, or a zone to stand in, that instantly heals a player to full health?

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Placed a little zone (with locked indestructible medic truck)

Would it be possible to heal critically wounded players there as well? I MEDEVAC'ed a player as a helicopter pilot once when there were no medics nearby and flew him back to the base. On the way, I requested a medic to wait near the helipad, but when we got there, no medics were anywhere to be found. As a last resort, I carried the player to the medical area and managed to load him into the Medical HEMTT (so much for locked), but it had no effect. I was unable to get him out, and as such, he was forced to respawn, though he thanked me for trying to help him. :)

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