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Hey guys,


Got 2.72 running on our server now! :-) Though, occasionally, an error appears "admin_uid.sqf". Could not load/find? The game runs fine, just simply click 'close' and it goes away. Just wondered what this was? 


Ta muhcio! 

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open mission.sqm in main directory


search for


init="(group this) setGroupId [""IA""]; this addEventHandler [""respawn"", {_this execVM ""admin_uid.sqf""}]; ";


And delete the red portion.


There will be some 50-60 entries of it, in the init field of each playable unit.


this can also be done in the 2D Editor. Open the mission in the Editor and double-click on each playable unit, and delete the red portion above from the init field of each. make sure you dont delete the "; at the end of the line.




next, open the init.sqf in main directory


search for this line


_null = [] execVM "admin_uid.sqf";


delete it. note it may already have been removed.




open the description.ext folder in the main directory


find this line (its near the top):


#include "spectator\spectating.hpp"      // Kegetys Spectator Script


delete that line. note it may have already been removed





delete the 'spectator' folder from your main mission directory (or wherever it is, if it is still there).

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You didnt scroll down.


reference to admin_uid.sqf is in the init field of every playable unit, of which IIRC there are 57.


Nope, I did. Notepad++ > find... > results.

I will double check when I'm back though.

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