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Project Zomboid


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Seems like interesting game, but then i realized i already own DayZ


In some ways its a lot more realistic than DayZ, guns are rarer and all act like a dinner bell for zombies, the survival aspect is very well developed - construction, farming.  I'm not sure how well developed the medical system is though.  I'd really recommend trying it out, maybe wait for a steam sale but its a good game.

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I have cleared the Sunstar Hotel at center of town and starting to setup permanent residence there.

With small effort i can make the place a fortress and other survivors are welcome to setup residence there,

i have plenty of vacant rooms available.


In case people have been watching "the walking dead" ill say it regardless.


Claim!  :)

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i have seen signs of disturbance at my haven, but my valuables are still there. Josh and Pliskin however got robbed a while ago,

been tracking the suspect and think i have pretty good idea where he went, but its just a matter of when i should take the time to go catch him.

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Think reseting whole world is only option and it isn't a bad thing. New comers are currently walking in to looted world, but there is another town in the distance, but im pretty sure someone went there, whom ever robbed josh and pliskin. The world isn't massive yet so id say reset and start together. Bigger guestion is how do we want to play it, but since its early version id say cooperative with dangerous zombies to learn the game together. Perhaps with later versions go more territorial or more nomad style to see how long to survive on the road.

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