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DCS: F-14 Carrier Landing Attempt (trap missed)


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Odd should be viewable now :)


it's uses the F-15 flight model and cockpit from so it's not too far off 

you need the FC 3 module installed too fo rthem to work.



you use this http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98607 and add mod files to it to launch them it's fairly handy 

put the JSGME.exe into your game folder, it asks to create a new mod folder (Call it _MOD for ease of use)


download your mods and put them in the _MOD folder 

run JSGME and activate them, then start DCS 



These are the mod packs I run, have edited them so they use part of each other to get the F-14 to use the F-15 pit & FM

other wise you'd get the SU-33 Pit & FM and that looks stupid :) it also adds F-4, F-5, F-15E, F-18, F-16, F16 block, laods of SU's, Mig-33 etc. etc.. working on adding some of the helos Cobra & Apache etc, but they're really odd looking cause you get the KA-50 pit in them and doesn't really suit at all.



Launch the editor to use any of the mod planes, one or 2 models don't work yet there are a couple of input & setting details missing from .lua files in the original mods, they'll force close DCS to the menu if you try to start a mission in them.


You can use in multiplayer too, just plop down what ever of the mod planes and the usual A-10, P-51 etc , and anyone that has the mods activated can use them, if you dont have the mods you can still use the the regular A-10's etc

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