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SixFour's comin' home, dammit.


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Sup guys,

I trust you rambunctuous bunch have been well in my absence. Was down in England (Ew, I know - Scotland FTW) and had a good time. Getting trained up to be a paint repair specialist and I can happily report the course was a success resulting in a pass!

So now you find me sitting in Birmingham airport waiting to go home. My bag was 3kg over so I had to remove some items and put them in my luxurious hand-luggage (WH Smith's exclusive plastic bag range)

Some of the more 'suspect' items included: A Gas mask, steel toe cap boots, "A beginners Guide to BDSM", "A men's guide to sex toys" and a massive folder in it.

So yeah..
..airport security will be full of questions I'm guessing. Either that or I get nabbed by Mi5 and I end up staying here forever.

Hopefully not. Managed to pick up FSX (officially the 5th time I've had to re-buy it) and Euro Truck Sim 2 (with the European cities DLC)

Looking forward to getting home and hanging with you guys. Get ready, lube up; SixFour's a-comin' home!



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