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New update and the magnificent A-164 Wipeout

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Hello, now as we know the new update coming in today brings not only the final campaign mission but also two new fixed wing air crafts. One of these being the A-164 Wipeout, based on the A10 Warthog. Now this aircraft is so freaking bad ass I would absolutely cream myself if we can have one on the AW Invade and Annex server very soon.


Im sure you've already been planning this but, please scrap the lame Buzzard an give us A-164s as side mission rewards.


Thanks, Hanky.


For those of you who havent seen the update content:

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I would absolutely rip this horrible version of the beautiful 'hog apart, but I have no energy to do so right now.


I'm tempted to oppose the monstrosity being put into I&A because I don't want to punch through my monitor at how badly it flies/models compared to DCS. 


But then again, sometimes we must give the pubbies what they want. Even if it's a terrible 'modernized' version of an A-10. It ain't even supposed to be angular, what, y'think an A-10 with all kinds of armaments hanging off its stores and flying at maybe 250 knots is going to rely on some anti-radar detection techniques? Bah.

Ain't even suited for SEAD, and that's what we really need.


Fuckin' chuck in a Wild Weasel, or even a freaking Vietnam-era F4 suited to that role. I'm sure the AAF have some lying around that they bought surplus after Vietnam.



Maybe the weird ass SU-27/F-15 love child will be okay.

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I admit, the original A10 looks better. And also, they can never manage to get the sound of the 30mm gatling gun right. In ARMA 2 it sounded like a xylophone and although it sounds a little better in ARMA 3, its nowhere near the awesome sound it has in real life.

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I never really liked the looks of the Hog, it was so fugly that I felt pity for it and loved it... like an ugly duckling. This version which we are getting for A3 looks slightly better imho but I have to say I am not impressed with its ingame performance. 


Yes, out of all the CAS jets available at the moment it handles the best at low speeds, it has nice take off speed, shitloads of weaponry like the real one and that legendary BBBBRRRRRRTTTTT sound gives a huge boner to everyone... (but it doesn't sound scary enough!) the main cannon seems to be overaccurate and with low rate of fire (compared to real life) so strafe runs need to be surgically exact (unlike with CSAT jet which spreads a lot more and covers huge area - good night infantry, sleep well in the heaven).


If you need to gtfo after your gun run, you may as well start praying because that thing prefers low speeds and any attempt to accelerate is just a wish. CSAT jet on the other hand prefers high velocity approach and generally will have better survivability - it comes in for the kill at speed, shoots, accelerates and gets out of the reach of enemy AA. I can even imagine CSAT jet in a wild weasel role - something that would be rather risky for the NATO jet.

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I'm hoping my DCS boys will be able to run a 2 ship formation but haven't shown them the attacking style of a 2 ship.

Cain we have to swallow our anger as these arma "aces" take to the skies and brag about their prowess


Anyway, yes both new jets will be included in SM Rewards.

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