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Acre is not compatible with 3.0.14 or as TS changed their API's also there is no direct input option

and the plugin was written for TS version 7 or 8 (however it'll work up to version 12 without much errors)

it'll run on v13 but will eventually break something and cause errors,


if you're using acre in long term / until it's officially released

(hopefully releasing 28/3/14 if the tracker is right and NouberNou can close of the bug hunt on time in the private alpha :) )

you're better off using an old TS version Link below to v12,

or change the version to something earlier as these are the ones known to work best with ACRE 

and change win64 to win32 if you're on a 32bit windows install



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it's hit and miss and different for everyone,

I know for myself (some others also reported this) if use Acre 13.01 or 14 it'll work for about 20 minutes then it'll kill usb drivers for mouse & keyboard

for others it'll work away merrily all day no worries, 

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