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What's your Steam like?


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Just found this website after somebody posted their stats on Twitter! It shows loads of information about your Steam account, figured it would be an interesting thing to see how the members of Ahoy's stats compare! :D


Go on this website and just enter your ProfileID, SteamID or CommunityID, then press the "Get disappointed in your life button" :D




Here is mine to start it off!



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I never entered my password into the site, all I did was put my communityid into the box and press the button.The information in the table is publicly available anyway via steam, that's why the calculator doesn't work if your account is set as private.


All it's doing is collating info on your public profile and putting it into a grid as far as I can see.


Of course using the sign-in via Steam option might be a different story but I wouldn't do that.  

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