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Ban Appeal - Alek [CLOSED]


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Ingame Name: Alek


Why do you think you were banned?: I think i was banned because i crashed a helicopter twice. Yes i done that. First time was while i was takeing off and crashed in takeing off UAV (he was takieng off in the same time) and the second one was when i taked off and crashed near in base (i had etherned kicked). After this ppl started call me noob and admin said to me why i dont this. I told him i just bought arma and i was learning still how to play and my etherned is bad. When i crashed i had played on my account only like 15h. Never played arma before. But he was very angry at me. Also 1 guy said that he should just prohibit me flaying but he even didnt wanted to talk with me and he gave me banned. Now when i want to join urs server is says i am banned.




So yes i done this and i respect server rules that and also regret of what i done...


I wanted to sorry for my english. Am still learning this awesome language.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: I was lost in evrything. I am also a new player in Arma series. I regret evrything and trully sorry. 


Which administrator banned you?: I don't know.


When were you banned?: March 14


Your player UID (this is available in player settings): 76561198054710282

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If this ban is lifted I will tell you what I (and every other experienced ARMA player) say when a new person comes onto the server. If you are new to the game and not familiar with the controls of the helicopters, then please use the editor for practising. A public server with 44 other people is not the place to be learning to fly. 


We don't try to be unfair and discourage people from flying on our servers, but then we also don't want 44 other players getting annoyed because they never reach an AO alive. I'm sure you can understand the reason for why people might get annoyed.


If you want to practise picking up and dropping off soldiers there are some great training missions on the Steam Workshop! :)

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This wasn't the full story but we got it out of you in the end on teamspeak. Unbanned on the understanding that he should learn to fly, tell the truth, behave and if still requiring practice, do it offline.

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