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I have been playing on the AW Arma server since summer.. And I thought it time to get an account on the website! So here I am.. My IGN for arma is QuadCore, and I try my hardest to get a pilot slot :) And Ill try my best to keep you alive while you fly with me.. (the only reasons I get shot down are tanks or aa.. Im not a bad pilot like that :) ) I do fly with joystick so there wont be any fast/weird movements on board my heli!


Ill do infantry if I have been pilot for a while or just want to do it for some reason....  But I love to fly when I get the chance. 


I enjoy squad infantry.. and if no ones got that running ill start it myself and get as many people as I can.. as long as its under 15. 



I really like the AW arma servers.. the people on it are nice (except when they are tking) and friendly. These are really the only servers I like on the game :).


I do have teamspeak so if you see me on there ill probably be there when im playing also.. Except right now I have the force ptt thing on and my brother is usually using the headphones with the mic.. So that will be why I cant chat/Speak if your on.. (Admin if you see this please turn it off!) 


If there is a bad pilot playing ill always replace if needed! Just tell him to leave and ill take the spot :)



If you need to know anything else just message me or ask me on arma if you see me there.



Hope to see you in my chopper at some point!






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Welcome to the website! :D


In regards to the PTT, if it is turned on there must be a reason, but if I see you on when I'm playing in the same channel I'll turn it off and see how it goes :) Although if you say your brother uses the mic, I can't see much difference between it being on and off lol

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