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The Hunt


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Christiansen presents:



What is the hunt?:


TheHunt was made on a whim by me when i started learning scripting, I wanted a mission where the teams weren't balanced.The mission was created like a search and rescue mission for blufor while Indep needed to survive from the opfor hunting them.


This was also my first time scripting something a bit more advanced than a simple marker, this spawned the creation of a marker  that is not 100% accurate and a script for making a random extraction zone with a vehicle.


The mission later developed into two diffrent types, the orginal is still airbased and a new type where its more ground focused.


Mission types:


The Hunt Air current version: 0.6:


Indep has a downed squad with a VIP that needs rescuing and has called in a favor from NATO forces, NATO has scrambled one hellcat with crew and a squad size element of rescuers. The only problem is that the sos beacon the VIP is carrying is transmitting on a un-encrypted channel so anyone can find their approximate location. When thats said OPFOR has a Killsquad stationed somewhere on the island and has heard the SOS and is keen to kill the VIP. They are a squadsized+ element with an armed Orca as support. Blufor needs to get at least the VIP to the extract choppers location to succeed.


The VIPs approximate location is displayed by a round diaggrid circle in blue that updates every 90seconds and is accurate within 200metres.


The Hunt Ground current version 0.1:


This was created after initial playtesting discovered that sometimes you would get intense firefights and gameplay if opfor succeeded in getting ground teams inbetween indep and the blufor rescue or disabling the blufor chopper so they had to wait untill a new one got respawned.


This type is more ground centered and changed a bit from the original in that:


There are now two teams instead of three ( Blufor and Indep) this is set post altis-conflict between NATO and Indep.


The same game-mechanics i made are still there as in sos beacon\marker and random extract.

The mission objective is:


Blufor: The squad needs to escort a VIP officer to his extract, he needs to call it in via the addaction he gets after 180seconds, this is still un-encrypted so whoever hears it will find your aproximate location within 200meters.


Indep: You are monitoring all channels looking for remenant nato forces and need to dispatch them, intel suggest there is a squad element moving a VIP to a extraction somewhere on Altis.

Your current hardware are 2xOffroad Armed and 1x Hellcat unarmed.


This mission has perma-death, so if you go down and they cant heal you in time you are dead! This is to promote more tactical play instead of just gunning it and chopper ramming etc..

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