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Ban Appeal - Miroslav Ankundinov [CLOSED]

Miroslav Ankundinov

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Ingame Name:


Miroslav Ankundinov


Why do you think you were banned:


I'm not sure, to tell you the truth. It was quite a few months ago. All I know is that I went AFK to get a drink; and when I came back my friend was literally sitting at the computer, laughing at all the destroyed vehicles. I was banned shortly after.


Why (In your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?


I believe that the ban should be lifted because I've been banned for what I can guess is over 6 months. In my eyes, that's enough punishment for something that I didn't even do. Another reason is that I enjoyed my time spent playing on these servers. The tactical aspect of I&W is a very appealing one, and I enjoyed playing it with friends, and strangers alike.


Which administrator banned you?


Jester, I believe? That's what the notification says.


When were you banned?


Months ago. I couldn't say for sure.


Player UID:





Getting this appealed would be really nice. I loved playing on the server, and I just want that chance again.





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Granted, you have been in our database for a looong time, you've made the first 100 bans out of the current 600.


I will say this, we get a LOT of people saying their friend's brother's grandad's sister blew up the base and so we are weary of this HOWEVER for the amount of time you've been banned i think you deserve a second chance.


Enjoy your stay, welcome back

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