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Sling script error & crash / fps connection? & Possible Improvement option


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the current Sling lift script throws this spam error in the .rpt until the object / vehicle is picked up, if may be a cause of some of the crashes / fps drops as it generates in the file over time. (i had over 100 lines spammed for one pickup attempt until the sling attached)


File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\vehicle\sling\sling_monitor.sqf, line 12
Error in expression <;_height = (((getPos _unit select 2) + minLiftingHeight) + _minY);
if(_height>  Error position: <minLiftingHeight) + _minY);
if(_height>  Error Undefined variable in expression: minliftingheight


I have a suggestion that may stop this and actually makes lifting a cooler experience too

it involves RAV_LIFTER_A3 addon module http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24753&highlight=RAV_LIFTER_A3

(yes it's an addon mod and yes everyone would have to run it) technically yes!!!


but i have come up with a possible workaround needs proper test

it'll work in a way so only those that want to lift stuff with the Helo's need to run the mod, and if the don't they can still fly but without lifting capabilities, needs a proper server test but works when I hosted it and tried it out with & without the mod enabled 


if you join the server without the mod all you get is this error at the start


Warning Message: mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\mission.sqm/Mission/Groups/Item16/Vehicles/Item0.vehicle: Vehicle class RAV_Lifter_A3 no longer exists
Type RAV_Lifter_A3 is not VehicleType
and other then the one line there dosen't seem to be any spam error massage like with the script
I've put the .pbo into the TS Download HUB (co40_AW_Invade_Annex_2_71_LIFTER_TEST(DINGO).Altis) if it can have a test run 
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The sling error is only thrown while a vehicle is being lifted.



It's quite benign and has no noticeable effect on performance, part of why it's taken so long to get around to debugging it.



The problem is that the initial attempt at that sling script included trying to simulate rope physics. Most other sling scripts use 'attachTo' to attach a vehicle to another vehicle, which is like slinging something with rebar, and the slung vehicle does not take damage and does not collide even with the ground. The attempt at rope physics failed (ArmA 3 engine just doesn't do it effectively) and when we get around to debugging that code, we'll just use attachTo instead.


In the meantime, try slinging a vehicle and dragging it along the ground ... There you will see the difference between that sling script and others. 


It hasn't been removed from the pbo because it has been seen as adding to the gameplay/fun more than it detracts.

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