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Ohai everyone!


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Hi guys! I'm Blud. Bludski in Arma 3 and Bludclot everywhere else.. 


Some of you guys might know me from arma3. Joining here because I played a lot on the ahoy a3 server and got to know a few of the guys in TS. 


I'm 34. From the west coast of Norway. We get almost 300 days of rain per year so I sit and play a lot. Mostly always online and usually up for some trouble every day.


I like to fly helicopters and do hot insertions. I like my LZ tight and red hot and I expect to be welcomed with tracers and fireworks when I arrive to deliver my friends safely.


So far I have played some 2112 hours of Arma 2 and 1377 hours of Arma 3 (not counting dayzmod). I'm also up for some Dayz SA and I do play World of Tanks a lot. (17k games 58%) And I love kerbal space program.



My arma setup is based on a  4ghz intel i7. 12gb ram, ssd, gtx770, TRACKIR, g510 and g700.  29" 2560x1080 21:9 monitor.


I will some times host squad based coop mission with a developing story line for approx 5 players doing specops like action. I want to do this once per week.




Well that's me. Seeya around.

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