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Poonikins reporting!


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Hai there!


I fell in love with your servers (reads as "the playerbase") so I thought I should look around here - and it would be appropriate to introduce myself, I think.


IRL, I am almost 30 years old (if I was a bottle of whiskey I would be awesome), hailing from Slovakia, working in management/marketing and spending most of my day behind the desk... you know it, boring stuff. My English is.. well, okay I should say, just when I am overhelmed by the ongoing situation, I may not give a fcuk about proper grammar - so excuse me :)


In game I am known as "Poonikins", which is just a pretty name to go by :D It is always nice to hear some tryhards go like "Poonikins, this is Bravo Two actual, requesting support at grid refference...." - it just cracks me up and that is what matters in the game imho - we play to have some fun, don't we? :) Anyway, whenever I am on ground, you can easily identify me because I am that guy with a RED cap - not a fancy camo, but I am tired of friendly fire... so don't shoot that guy wearing a red cap! Never ever!


I am always playing the objective (and usually the role as well) and always trying to help my teammates as much as I can - by reporting threads, taking out enemies, healing, repairing, sharing equipment, etc... I try to do my best. When I am lonewolfing, I go slowly.. when I am as a part of a group, I stay in line and follow. Teamspeak friendly, VoIP as well (I hope my mic is good ingame..)


If you ever need a good heli pilot who is not going to land chalk 3 clicks away, just call me in - have been flying helis since OFP, trough ArmA, ArmA2:OA... 12+ years of piloting experience. Flying with a joystick+keys and as long as I am sober, I won't crash :)


I haven't been playing ArmA3 too long, I am kinda bambi but it feels very familiar, so I can get going :) I hope to get some gametime with you guys ;)



My infy motto is "If it is worth shooting, it is worth shooting twice"

My pilot motto is "Flying high, it will die. Slow and low, it will go"


"Fleeing enemy is flanking enemy"

"Only hit counts. The only thing worse than a miss is a slow miss"
"Do or do not - there is no try"

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me below. :)

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