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Ban Appeal - zidale [CLOSED]


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In-game Name: zidale

Why do you think you were banned?: "Unsociable Behavior" was the reason on the ban, action i was preform during the event of the ban was throwing smoke grenades inside of the base spawn. (to the point where one could consider it spamming, possibly)

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: While I do not argue the fact that I was throwing smoke grenades inside the base spawn, and yes that could be considered "Unsociable Behavior". It is in fact the way the ban was place that I have issue, I was neither warned of my actions to stop in any manner (voice chat or text chat (could be wrong, but i did not notice any warning in either chat)) by either administrator or any players alike. On a side note, the only action that happened to make one think that someone had issue with what I was doing was the fact that I was team killed twice while I was in the action of throwing the smoke grenades


Furthermore, I took the chance to read your Rules & Guidelines before posting this appeal. Based off of what I am reading of the Section 4 Paragraph 1, my interpretation being a player not a administrator of the servers, "We will always try to adhere to above order when administrative action is needed, however based on the judgement of online admin(s), and the severity of the situation or offence, we might skip a step, change order, or issue a permanent ban straight away." The severity of the issue in question (throwing smoke grenades inside of the base spawn) does not deserve the most serious punishment available, that being a ban, but more of some administrative action along the lines of a warning or a kick.


To summarize, yes I was banned, yes I was throwing smoke grenades inside of the base spawn (to the point to where someone could consider it spamming). But as a first time offender, without being warned of my actions, I was hit with the most serious punishment that a administrator could hand out, and this is what I have issue with and am hoping to resolve with this appeal.

Which administrator banned you?: Cain

When were you banned?: Thursday, February 27, 2014

Your player UID (this is available in player settings): 76561197994149556


Thank you for taking your time to look into this issue that I have presented. If any more information is need I will be happy to oblige the request if I can.

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Why were you throwing smoke grenades in a manner which could be seen as spamming, at base, in the first place? I do not think anyone needs to be warned if they do not have the common sense that spamming smoke grenades, or normal grenades for that matter, is not a good idea in the first place. And smoke grenades are still bad, whilst they may not teamkill, a lot of them can decrease FPS dramatically for other players, and particularly pilots attempting to land at base.


I was reacting on teamspeak to a known player making me aware of what you were doing, the particulars I cannot remember, and after the ban message popped up several people said 'thanks admin', which may not be a useful tool in gauging the right action, however it usually works in the past when a high-profile dissident does something that can be seen as unfavorable on the servers.


If you can explain this to me, I may decrease your ban to a temporary one, in my opinion. Other staff members may disagree, and may maintain or commute your ban further.

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While under normal circumstances I would ask the administrator who preformed the action to refrain from commenting due to a potential conflict of interest, you do bring up a excellent point that most likely any of the other administrators or core staff would have asked if you did not.


My response to your question of "Why were you throwing smoke grenades in a manner which could be seen as spamming" is. That I was preforming an experiment to see where the cut off was on the server for particle effect was (those being produced by the smoke grenades). While yes, I could have done this away from base, I would have not had the VAS box to keep the experiment up if I ran out, also it would have most likely ending in the same way (now that I think of it in hind sight).

Also I would like to touch on you stating "known player making me aware of what you were doing, the particulars I cannot remember". The player that you mostly likely are thinking of goes by the handle of "CJ", I am think this due to the fact that he was one of the people who team killed me with no regards during the event in question.


Also on a side note, this is just my opinion, while player bring issues up to the current administrator online to preform actions that he/she deems necessary is the status quo on most servers. Said status quo should not be influenced (again my opinion) in any way by Ocholcracy, mob rule. And based off of what you have stated in your replay I get the feeling that mob rule was enacted here as for a harmless experiment not only was a team killed, and said team killers had nothing happen to them, but I received the harshest punishment in addition. Usually administrators are held at a higher standard to make the tough choices regardless of outside interaction, i.e. the player base community, and also make unfavorable choices based off of there standard operating procedures laid down before them by the supervisors / higher administrators.


Again thank you for taking your time to look into this issue that I have presented. If any more information is need I will be happy to oblige the request if I can.

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Just to clear my name, and also enlighten people on the matter somewhat - You were warned vocally by me, twice. Then through voice chat I alerted other people in the game, atleast 2 other people infact (One of which I knew was on Teamspeak) which obviously led to you being reported. There were open conversations about "somebody spamming smoke in base" for a good 2 minutes, I'm sure it was also mentioned in Side channel text aswell.


You literally spammed so many smoke grenades that we couldn't even see the main spawn building, and I dread to think what them pilots must have had to deal with trying to land in the smoke cloud, let alone with an even lower FPS due to your "experiment".


I politely asked you to stop, then the second time I told you to and yet you persisted. If you want to do "experiments" to see "where the cut off point of a server is" (although most of us prefer to play the game, not try to break it..) then atleast do it on an empty server - I can tell you right now that AhoyWorld EU #2 was entirely empty at the time of this incident as I had only just recently reconnected to #1 and saw it in the server browser.


In the future, if you're going to mention my name in a story you'd better hope you're actually telling the truth - I've got people that will back me up on the above.

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