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Helo Sling Lifting Module


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this was updated today on armaholic


it's fairly simple to use as it a module just place in editor and sync with the Helo's that you want to have lifting capablities

maybe some tweaks availeable by editing the config.hpp haven't looked that far yet 


it's similar to the scripts but has an added niceness as it add visible slings to the underside of the helo and then attaches them to the object being carried and when you detach the sling drops to the ground too and lands in a pile next to the cargo object 


also has an optional camera activated by pressing H, and shift+H cycles thermal & nv modes



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^^^ CAF mod, (Canadian armed forces) by the lovely folks that have made CAF Agressors, comes with some infantry textures, a Huey/CH-146 various medcav and armed (Gau 20 right side M130 left) working doors, and the Chinook/CH-147 walkable interior, ramp & twin m130 door miniguns

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