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Who thinks I am Great?  

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  1. 1. Who thinks I am Great?

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as with all mods it would mean every man and his dog would have to run it and as it's a public server etc etc etc blah blah blah etc etc etc 


this is a very nice mod I like it loads too,

not too sure if it got updated recently but last I knew only the user of the UAV can see the laser pointer, it's a bit broken in MP in that regards,

but for laser deg it's much more capable then the darter +1000000 fold



Maybe we should look at adding a modded out version on Eu2 as it empty 95% of the time mostly, swap out the older stuff with

all the new toys / scripts that get released and have a rotation maybe every month or every second month as older mods get less used, add in newer items as they become available they get swapped out.

the new C-130J is an example of where we're missing a possible huge draw for players, also there are a some other half decent ports on the way worth a look at too 

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