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New User Guide?


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I've been playing I&A for a few days now and have been really enjoying. However, I have been unsuccessful in finding any type of user guide. Lately I've been trying to find out information on class roles and abilities but can't find anything. I'd like to know more about everything in general. Is there something available? 

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Medics can fully heal and revive players IF they remember the medikit and FAK's, repair dudes need the tool kit, only AT can use non battlefield pick up launchers.
larger bags of course weigh you down more, best to take the smallest bag needed, as for vests the heavier ones ussually allow more carrying and higher levels of protection, same with helmets.

When going for mortar teams, dont let people waste the FFAR rockets on the littlebird, they wont damage heavy armor, this is why people should be carrying spare rockets or satchels for the team, those mortars should also always be priorety number 1, too many times i see people go to the main ao in a mad dash only to be wiped out because they were grouped up too closely when the big guns started going off

Always tell the medic to go FAKK themselves first before FAKKing any downed players (hehe :P) Like the airlines say with the air masks, keeping the medic alive is high priority

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