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[$8.39 £6 €7.49] Farming Simulator 2013: Titanium Edition


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£6 is quite cheap, but on the other hand, what will the majority of my Steam friends think when they see I've bought Farming Simulator...


Tough choice.

Not to try and sway your decision or anything but if I like the look of say, walking in the park simulator (it doesn't exist afaik) then I get it regardless of all the stick/judgement. Caring about what other people think is for primary school. Of course if you were to buy a title called 'How to be a serial killer' then I couldunderstand being judged.

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7 quid is tempting but the expansion pack is 15 more quids, is that needed?

Walk in the park sim I'm sure I saw that somewhere along with dropping the kids to the pool sim :D


£7? It's £5 :)


No expansions needed to join apart from our mod pack available on this forum. :)

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