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IgiLoad Script

Sir Dildor

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Pure awesomeness.


Description: (copypasta from BI forums)

The main task for IgiLoad script is to allow delivery of supplies to units away from base. In short, transport boxes with ammunition, weapons, or anything else (what you put in the box) using vehicles.

Main features:

  • The script is "installed" only on the server side.
  • Ability to set many parameters of script.
  • Transporting crates with: ammunition, grenades, ammunition for vehicles and much more.
  • ATVs, rubber boats and SDVs can be transported by truck.
  • In addition to trucks you can use CH-49 Mohawk.
  • ATVs can be transported by CH-49 Mohawk.
  • Cargo transported by CH-49 Mohawk can be parachuted.
  • CH-49 Mohawk has a usable ramp.

Only thing I'm not sure about is if heavy armor can be sling loaded or not. Here are some cool videos:



Forgot to add Download links :P




BI forum topic:



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