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Halo drop issue

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I have noticed a problem with the halo drop on EU1 that if the old ao is very nearly complete and you click halo jump and leave it on the map part until the ao is complete you can still jump to new ao.


Yes you can only do it once but I wanted to see if I could take tower down and enemy hele while evac was still on going at old ao and I did before they even managed to RTB.


This could be abused and would kind of suck if 1 or many cottened on to this as it would change the tactics of the game completly.


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Yep, I ran out of dev time before I had a chance to figure out a way to prevent this. On a side note, if you really wanted to abuse it, you could just sit inside that screen even halfway through the AO and still make it happen. Maybe someone will try to fix it until we have time to do so.

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