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VTS Weapon Resting


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Hi guys i installed your bit torrent sync programe, i followed your instructions and everything seems to work fine except VTS weapon resting i launch my game then it either crashes on load up screen or when i am loading into the map. This is the error message i get


"include file userconfig\vts_weaponresting\vts_weaponresting_config.hpp not found


any help resolving this would be great thankyou

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VTS Weapon Resting comes with a config which tells the game which keybindings you're using, this needs to be placed inside the "userconfig" folder of your ARMA 3 directory. 


The path for the config file should look something like this: J:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\vts_weaponresting


This is assuming of course you haven't already done that. If you have already got the config in the right place then I don't know I'm afraid :(

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