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Transport & Ambush: The thread


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Let me introduce to the new AW arma 3 PvP Mission: Transport & Ambush (or T&A)






What is T&A ?

T&A is a TvT (team vs team ) PvP Multiplayer mission for Arma 3.


Mission Goal:

- WEST to transport 2 resupply crates to a randomly selected destination on the map

- EAST to ambush the convoy and bring the resupply to their own base instead



Following the fierce battles during the Invade and Annex mission, BLUFOR now has control over most of the island. Both BLUFOR and OPFOR are running low on supplies however, and when BLUFOR is assembling a resupply convoy the Red's are never far away...... Who will take the much needed supplies ?



- Intense team-vs-team multi-player action, mixed with the occasional AI encounter

- Lots of small scripts and tweaks to increase realism and immersion

- Carefully designed and tested gameplay balance

- Gameplay crafted around logistics and transportation both air & ground

- Randomly changing weather & accelerated time, for more variation

- Randomly placed IED's (with mission parameters toggle)

- Custom skinned medevac UH-9 & medivac field hospital 

- Transport & paradrop objects & supplies with IGI_Load

- Random AI patrols across the map, base protection and destination protection to prevent base-rape

- Attach and interexchange the pods to the Taru air-crane and para-drop them near the battlefield

- Custom build vehicle setup and respawn system, allowing for random fuel, disable TIE, etc..

- Only pilots and crew can operate a heli

- VA-boxes are available but not mobile or transportable & only contain items for your specific side

- Deployable mobile respawn medic truck

- Carefully crafted bases using real-world setup tactics

- Advanced view-distance script

- Enable or disable 3rd person via the mission parameters without server restart

- Random mission start time & date

- Mission reports to server-log file for easy trouble shooting

- Forced advanced flight model

- Disabled passenger seats in the trucks, when cargo is loaded with IGI_Load

- Mission start count-down timer to avoid OPFOR rush ahead before BLUEFOR is organized

- Special ammo like rockets and UAV's only limited available via special ammo crates that reload every 20min



Links to download and information:


Purpose of this Thread:

  • Open discussion
  • Propose ideas
  • Remain updated on the latest news & releases
  • Post your fan-art & videos

Promo video's:


Promo art:



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Version: 1.02.00:
Fixed: #148: RED engineer not able to pilot
Fixed: #149: RED fuel pod too close to Helo landing
Changed: #154: adjust AI base patrol behavior
Added: #139: add view-distance script
Added: #142: add time acceleration
Added: #90: Add Random Weather
Added: #144: disable 3rd person via script
Added: #145: add random starting time & date
Added: #146: add switch to allow 3rd person view (mission parameters)
Added: #89: Make a switch to toggle AI patrols on\off (mission parameters)
Added: #85: add random IED's
Added: #147: add switch to enable\disable roadside IED's
Added: #93: Disable passenger seats when cargo is loaded on truck
Added: #92: Spawn Blue AI on the destination, to prevent base-rape
Added: #153: create some log spam
Updated: #143: update in-game credits

Version: 1.01.08:
Fixed: #137: typo in mission-run script 
Added: #131: force advanced flight model
Added: #134: Hardcoded disable SlingLoad for objective cargo
Added: #138: add Huron and Taru containers & pods
Changed: #136: Change CSAT heli for new Taru & Add additional Taru (Medic)
Changed: #135: change NATO heli for the new Huron
Updated: #132: update igiload to latest version
Updated: #133: update pilot & engineer list for pilot restriction
Version: 1.01.00:
- Fixed: #129: improve script for special ammo-boxes
- Fixed: #98: OPFOR has BLUFOR gear in VAS
Older Versions:

Version 1.00.74 Hotfix: 
- HotFixed: IgiLoad script not loading 
- HotFixed: Credits and Briefing not displaying

Version 1.00.72
- Fixed: #120: Split init.sqf in Server and Client script
- Fixed: #113: disable 3rd person in the server templates
- Fixed: #121: File header for all kScripts
- Fixed: #122: Remove mission end debug hint (serverside)
- Fixed: #123: remove debug mission selection hint (serverside)
- Fixed: #124: Some generic code clean-up and adding comments
- Fixed: #125: change the way sqf's are called
- Fixed: #87: Limit sniper rifles to snipers only
- Fixed: #83: restrict pilot & engineer to be the only possible pilot
- Fixed: #88: remove default vehicle inventory upon (re)spawn (was fixed in V1.00.50)
- Fixed: #126: Clean and extend Description.ext

Version 1.00.61
- Fixed: #114: update credits in-game
- Fixed: #111: disable simulation and damage on Ammo-boxes (StuffedSheep)
- Fixed: #109: disable simulation and damage on camonetting (StuffedSheep)
- Fixed: #115: Enable unlimited fuel on the AI base patrols (StuffedSheep)
- Fixed: #107: Reduce AI patrols at the bases
- Fixed: #117: Disallow damage on the limited ammo ammoboxes
- Fixed: #112: Add empty ammoboxes that can be used to transport or airdrop supplies
- Fixed: #108: Team balance while loading in to Lobby (StuffedSheep)
- Fixed: #118: VAS boxes, still had their original content
- Fixed: #119: Prevent VAS boxes from being loaded in trucks or helo's

1.00.50 Hotfix:
Fixed: #106: Move the k_func into the server-side code 
This should fix some of the recent desync

Fixed: #105: Add smaller weapon crates to be loaded in the chopper
Fixed: #100: Create system for vehicle setup
Fixed: #86: Add limited ammo spawn for the special weapons and vehicles (uav-darter)
Fixed: #103: Reduce initial (on spawn & re-spawn) available fuel per vehicle
Fixed: #102: Empty inventory all vehicles
Fixed: #101: Disable termals on hunter/ifrit
Fixed: #99: Small change to vehicle.sqf distance check

Fixed: #97: Add deployable Mobile HQ
Fixed: #96: Create more respawn locations
Fixed: #94: Replace revive script with Grimes Revive
Fixed: #95: Remove respawn from Medictruck (let the MHQ script handle it)

Fix: #81: check position of re-spawn markers
Fix: #78: disable cargo from being loaded into helo's
Fix: #82: add recommended server-setup profiles
Fix: #79: add medic script
TA-49 - Add: 4 groups of RED patrol
TA-50 - Add: 4 groups of BLU patrol
TA-59 - Fix: Issue with Selakano mission not loading correctly

1.00.32 - Soft-release:
TA-47 - Added RED static AI patrols
TA-48 - Added BLUE static AI patrols

1.00.30 - Environment setup:
TA-38 - Environment setup
TA-37 - Add: Set location for RED base
TA-43 - Add: Build RED BASE
TA-41 - Add: RED vehicles
TA-39 - Add: Build RED team
TA-40 - Add: Blue team
TA-42 - Add: Blue vehicles
TA-44 - Add: Blue base
TA-55 - Changed: Moved destination points to proper coordinates
TA-54 - Add: Vehicle respawn
TA-53 - Add: Spawnpoint for RED
TA-45 - Add: VAS + Boxes & RED restrictions
TA-46 - Add: VAS + Boxes & BLUE restrictions

1.00.02 - Mission System:
TA-17 - Add: mission system
TA-18 - Add: markers for way-points
TA-19 - Add: Cargo items
TA-20 - Add: 2 cargo trucks for each side
TA-21 - Add: visible marker (helipad)
TA-22 - Fix: Blue target pad is not moving
TA-23 - Fix: Win variable not defined
TA-24 - Fix: Client countdown not working
TA-25 - Add: cargo script
TA-26 - Change: Config IGILoad script
TA-27 - Change: Tweak IGILoad script to load from alternative location
TA-28 - Fix: Mission script not loading after countdown
TA-29 - Fix: IGILoad script picture not found error
TA-30 - Fix: Missions are failing and success simultaneously
TA-31 - Add: Need mission end after 1 round of play
TA-32 - Add: Create overview picture in server missions list
TA-35 - Change: Optimize countdown script
TA-36 - Change: Optimize missionRun & missionEnd calling

1.00.01 - Initial rebuild:
TA-1 - Add: respawn
TA-4 - Add: credits
TA-6 - Add: basic vehicles
TA-7 - Add: some patrol to bring life to spawn
TA-8 - Add: a bird
TA-9 - Add: player
TA-10 - Add: BriefingName & overviewText
TA-11 - Add: Basic Description.ext
TA-13 - Add: mission intel Blue & Red
TA-14 - Add: team-info & URL's

Edited by kamaradski
Added changelog for V1.02.00 release
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Thanks to everyone, for the great feedback over the last weekend !! Some small adjustments will be made and the first official public release of T&A is getting very close now !


Also, thanks for the great game, i enjoyed playing with you all !!


only 8 issues to solve before release: https://bitbucket.org/kamaradski/t-a/issues?status=new&status=open

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Had a lot of fun playing it and "leading" on friday and here are my two cents: As stuffedsheep mentioned, the squad composition needs some breaking up\additions.


also it would be nice to disable the thermals on all vehicles so that you actually can hide in some vegitation instead of getting turned into mush by the .50s on the hunters\ifrits, people will actually need to scan and spot instead of just taking a sweep over the area infront of the convoy and shoot anything that has a thermal signature.


All in all i enjoyed playing it and look forward to future updates!

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Added to the bug-tracker :) Glad you liked it.


The squad thingy is something stuffedsheep is working on, but we didn"t yet found the time to implement. But if you look inside the ticket on bitbucket, you will see sheep already made a nice spreadsheet with a good proposal.


I will have time to work on T&A tomorrow and day after, hopefully able to kill some of the bigger bugs!

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Done, termals are off. This works exactly like you said, thanks!


2 other big bugs were killed, but will have to test tomorrow before making it public.


PS: added the key for our development sync-drive to the wiki, so you can always get your hands on the latest experimental dev-build if you feel like

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  • 5 months later...



After a very busy year, active development has continued on this project for the last few weeks. The result is this Ahoyworld exclusive pre-release of an Intermediate DEV version that should be fully playable already. All the basic mission framework should work as designed, all extras will be added over the next few weeks.


Full rebuild from scratch, completely new mission engine, way more stable than the first versions, AND: very cool new bases have been designed.




Let me know how this is working out for you !


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TA-49 - Add: 4 groups of RED patrol
TA-50 - Add: 4 groups of BLU patrol
TA-59 - Fix: Issue with Selakano mission not loading correctly
This is a slightly bigger release as TA-49 & TA-50 are adding an additional gameplay feature:
There are now a total of 8 AI patrols starting at random position, patrolling via 2 additional random waypoints. (4 OPFOR & 4 BLUFOR) They will attack everything they spot, including other AI patrols. 
It will now be harder to move around the map undetected, also you might think to have found the opposing team, while in reality you are chasing 2 AI patrols instead that are attacking each-other.
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Why not just "organize" a gaming night (or just a couple of hours) and fully test the mission, maybe some day this week or on the weekend. The reason I said that is, you need a couple of players to properly test it, with even strenght on both sides ofc.

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I have released Version "1.00.72" & "1.00.74-Hotfix" yesterday night. 


This version is basically a clean-up and partial re-structure of how some things work. Some of the code should now run more efficiently.


This release also introduces the gear restriction and crew restriction. So from now onward only the engineer and the pilot can fly, and sniper rifles are for snipers only.


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I just released Version: 1.01.00. 


As you can see the version number was bumped quite a bit, as I consider this to be a "Milestone version" release:



|    |    |

|    |    Minor version. Every fix or update

|    Milestone version, Bigger changes that reflect added features & drastic changes

Release version. Mayor releases considered stable & playable


This release is all about the weapons distribution that has been buggy since the release of T&A. The problem here was the way how VAS was essentially working, and therefore it was not able to fix this without running 2 different VAS systems parallel. This however would be laggy and very heavy on resources in general. 


So i solution was found in using the native Arma 3 Virtual Arsenal system instead. Nothing too fancy in coding perspective, but quite the improvement in game/play for this mission.


Also the script for distributing the restricted special weapon ammo and UAV was overhauled and simplified in this release.


I'm looking forward to the feedback of the community on these improvements. T&A is now getting closer to contain all the basic features as planned from the start. Once we reach that point I will be releasing it as Version 2.0 Major release version.


After that we will enter the development phase where I will implement feature requests from the feedback i received, and do all the fine-tweaking and balancing :)


Thanks all for the support so far, and all constructive feedback via PM and on TS !!

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