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Sleep patterns


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I think this subject is highly interesting. I actually tried the "uberman" sleep pattern with my friend in high school  for one of our projects.
It was really painful for the first week but then u got used to it and u had so freaking much time to do all kind of stuff. 

This just crossed my mind when i did read Kamaradskis post on the "PvP Weekend" topic. And i was thinking for my self that Kamaradski really should consider to change his sleep pattern permanently, coz apparently he needs more time to get stuff done   :)  And it's freaking crazy to sleep like that...
Jeah and why not even a HC gamer could adapt to one of these patterns, i can't recommend the "uberman" for anyone but if u wanna try that make sure u have someone to keep an eye on u! Slightly interesting stuff may happen under that first week :D


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Are you trying to kill yourself? It has been proven that these kind of sleeping patters can cause serious migraine and epilapsia. Their is a reason we need to sleep for a long time in a row. Being in a deep sleep takes a couple of hours and is the most important for the recovery of your body (muscle tisseu recovery exc.).

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Smith, don't worry i'm not following the uberman patter :D I just tried it for two weeks almost 6 years ago. 
And yes i know the more extreme patterns aren't healthy if u use them all the time! Most important thing is
to just simply follow that what ur body tells u! 

I'm currently some where around Biphasic pattern,coz also got full time job. and on the weekends i really like to sleep in :D

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