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How Do I Add MCC Sandbox To a Dedicated Server


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     So a friend of mine is running a dedicated server for ArmA 3 and we have hit a snag. He tells me that the MCC mod is already on the server yet when we launch missions we cannot use the MCC. The option is there in the addaction menu but loging in/out does not work. I downloaded one of the MCC MP missions for altis to see if scripts were needed in the missions we are running. We loaded that mission up and about half of the MCC features worked. I dont really know what i am doing and i figured asking somone about it might save some time.

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Ak Ak Ak, as a general rule we say figure it out for yourself.


However you are a good friend so my advice would be to check the start line of the server being executed, it has to include the mod much like changing your launch parameters in steam.


When the mod is running for definate MCC will work with any mission be it I&A or two players in an empty map.

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yes it runs and based on what my friend is saying he added a start line to the server today. I have tested one of the vanilla Arma 3 multiplayer missions and when I open the MCC I still cant log in. Honestly, I dont think he knows what he is doing so thanks for your help raz.

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