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For those interested, below is a handy printable colour keybind layout for the A10C, not as good as the ones you used to get with Microprose games in the 80's / 90's that you could place on top of the keyboard but it helps.


Going to mod an old keyboard by cutting out each key from the sheet and gluing on the keys

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So has anyone else used the extra planes mods, I got X Control mod working last night and now have the F15e, F18c, F16A & F14a and Tornado all flyable with the F15c flight model and the F15c 3d 6dof HUD and some of the MiG's and SU's using the su flight model and HUD adds something have a bit of a change, now I just need some nice textures. Might try to get the F117 or one of the bigger transport or tanker planes working too

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New open beta v1.2.8 available for download adds advanced flight model to the F-15 and some tweaks & fixes for the Helo's & Mustang


it's a 15gb standalone beta that runs alongside v1.2.7 while in the testing fase before full release to main game






Once you download & install, run the game login into module manager and install your aircraft modules to use in beta

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