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Improve the world with Ahoyworld !


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Welcome @ the Ahoyworld.co.uk Folding team !


Homepage: http://kamaradski.com/folding-team

Blog posts:  http://kamaradski.com/category/tech/ahoy-folding


- Do you want a cure for cancer ?
- You want clean energy ?
- Wonder how to help cure muscular dystrophy ?
- Are you curious how folding proteins can help the world ?
- Want to help process data from the LHC ( large hadron collider from CERN)
- Ever wondered how you can help create clean & safe water ?
- Did you ever asked yourself how to do quantum medicinal chemistry at home ?
- Or maybe you fancy searching for kerbals with Seti@home ?
What is it ?
Well you can help do just that !!  Join the Ahoyworld grid computing team and help us improve the world step by step !
All this tool will do is use your computer idle-time by calculating tasks for the science project(s) you joined and submit the results back to the lab. In addition it also gives you a cool screensaver. Maybe you are the next person that does a major discovery !
It's easy !
All you need to are a few short steps:
1 - Install the tool (BOINC): http://boinc.berkeley.edu/index.php
2 - Register yourself at one of the projects (see below list of URL's and projects where Ahoyworld is active)
3 - Join the ahoyworld team (setting in your online profile) This is obviously the most important of all steps :)
Active Projects !
Here is the list where we currently have an active AW-team. If you are already using Boinc for a project that is not listed here, please let me know and i will create the team, so it links into the stats correctly.
http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org - Umbrella project with different intresting sub-projects, check it out!
http://qmcathome.org - QMC@home - quantum medicinal chemistry
http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta - Proteine folding for medical research, very interesting, and awsome screensaver
http://lhcathomeclassic.cern.ch/sixtrack - Crunch date for the large hadron collider from CERN
https://setiathome.berkeley.edu - Find out where the Kerbals are hiding
http://volunteer.cs.und.edu/dna - Discover what regulates the genes in DNA

http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu - Search for weak astrophysical signals from spinning neutron stars (also called pulsars)

http://www.climateprediction.net - The world’s largest climate experiment

http://www.bitcoinutopia.net/bitcoinutopia - Mine cryptocurrencies for incentive awards and science projects.



See my second post below.



Statistics !
There are some great statistics available to display our recent contributions, and how that relates to other people or teams: http://boincstats.com
These statistics are fun and interesting to watch, and will allow us later on to have some mini-competitions \0/


Team stats: http://boincstats.com/en/stats/-1/team/detail/127010649/overview

Current member-list: 

























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Added Einstein project
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Here are some of the competition team that we have to keep an eye on. They are also game related, and either above us, or have the potential to overtake us ....


Still to overtake !!

sig.png sig.png sig.png sig.png sig.png sig.png sig.png sig.pngsig.png sig.png sig.png sig.png sig.png






Already overtaken !! :-)


- [DOA] Counterstrike Clan

- Gameshaft - Gamers United!

- Xtra-Gamers

- FraggersUK

- Gamers for PrimeGrid

- [GameDude] Clan

- Minecrafters

- ShackTactical



Spotted any interesting competition that we should aim to over take ? Let me know an i will add it to the post !

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Added new teams
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we already did. Actually i took my already existing team and renamed it Ahoyworld.co.uk, so we have a 2 million points head start :)


It makes sense as we all have high-performance computers, and thus can make a decent impact and reach some good score !


While i'm developing T&A my computer is doing cancer research etc...

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The Worldcommunitygrid is thanking you for your help reaching a breakthrough in the child cancer research!!!


We from Ahoyworld have processed 25.000+ workunits with WCG, out of which 1.000+ workunits are for this particular project.

Counting up to a CPU computing time of: 1 year and 30 days for this project only !



Thanks guy's we are already making a difference !! I count on many more future ahoy-teammembers that want to join this form of charity !! Let me know if you need any help to get started.



You're improving the odds for children with neuroblastoma!

With your help, the Help Fight Childhood Cancer research team in Japan has discovered seven drug candidates that show great promise as new treatments for neuroblastoma, one of the most common and dangerous forms of childhood cancer. In lab tests, these drug candidates were very effective at destroying neuroblastoma tumors without any apparent side effects.

This breakthrough marks one of the most significant scientific discoveries to date for World Community Grid and was made possible by your contribution. Thank you!

Learn more about this groundbreaking discovery in this blog post from Dr. Nakagawara, who leads the Help Fight Childhood Cancer research team, and share the exciting news!

Thanks for making a difference,

The World Community Grid Team 

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We are now in the top-500 worldwide for the CERN LHC project, and we are about to enter the top 100 country wide for the same project (International country)


Ahoyworld is really getting on the map within the BOINC-world :) Thanks fellow cruncher's, even though there is currently only 10 of us, we are doing fantastic !



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Added our game related competition to my second post in this thread, interesting to see that ShacTac also have a team, but luckily for us they have not gained many points so far......challenge ???


Our next team to overtake is: [GameDude] Clan !!

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In the next few hours we will have OVERTAKEN [GameDude] Clan !!! To celebrate this i have added 2 more projects to the team:


Bitcoin Utopia
Bitcoin Utopia is a commercial platform for crowd-donations that uses Internet-connected computers to mine cryptocurrencies for incentive awards and science projects.




Evidence of how our climate is changing is vital to encourage investment in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as coping with inevitable change.

You can help discover how the climate could look by running our free software on your computer. The data generated is sent back to us and incorporated into the climateprediction.net projects. Our computer models simulate the climate for the next century, producing predictions of temperature, rainfall and the probability of extreme weather events. The more models that are run, the more evidence we gather on climate change.

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  • 3 weeks later...

yay for ahoy !!


We overtook Fraggers UK & Gamers for Primegrid and now we are heading for a place in the top 7000 !!


Also we are going VERY strong in the new project BitcoinUtopia, as we managed to get a spot well inside the top-50 !! Great work so far !!

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you pick one of the projects mentioned in the first post, read a little what they are about, and decide where you would like to donate your computer power to. (pick as many projects as you like)


- Then you sign up on their website and make a account.

- In your account will be a option to: join a group (search here for ahoyworld)

- Then in the BOINC client (boinc manager) you will have to attach to the project you are signed up for.




Advanced users can also use the BAM account manager where you can add all your projects to the boinc manager at once.



step-by-step: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Choosing_and_joining_projects

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We now have a nice little spot on the kamaradski.com website:

- Own blog category with featured image

- Own menu-item with several static pages


I will be keeping the blog up-to-date, also all statistics etc are posted there, and in the coming week(s) i will be posting several guides and how-to's on how to sign-up and improve your BOINC installation.


Homepage: http://kamaradski.com/folding-team

Blog posts:  http://kamaradski.co...ch/ahoy-folding

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The first 2 how-to manuals are available in online powerpoint (google docs) and downloadable file (.PPX format)




Follow the link to learn:


1 - How-to: download and install BOINC

2 - How-to: Register at a project


This should get everyone started, regardless of the level of computer knowledge.


More advanced tutorials will be created later that will teach you about:

- Adjusting BOINC to your settings manually

- Using the BAM project manager (to administer all your projects and BOINC installations from one simple website)

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Please join me in welcoming David to the team !!




<!BooooM!> That is the sound of David (user: 45_DME) entering the team while cracking the speed of sound, opening with a massive 20.000 points gathered over the last few weeks.


This not only makes him enter the seam stats, but lifts him immediately to place 8 out of 11 in the team, we all better watch out, David is a runner !


Welcome to the folding team David !



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Dear Ahoyworld.co.uk Folding team,


With your help, the Computing for Clean Water project team was able to simulate water flow with unprecedented precision. The research team has just finished validating and analyzing the data provided by World Community Grid volunteers. They are confident that this data reveals a new mechanism to filter water more efficiently and are getting ready to publish their results. Stay tuned for more details!


Although the computing phase of this project is over, there is important work still to be done on World Community Grid. Check your project selections to make sure you’re contributing to our current projects, and stay tuned for more updates!


Thanks for all that you do,
The World Community Grid team



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  • 1 month later...

We overtook 3 more teams in the last few months :)


Great work by all members in pushing the following teams down the list:


- DOA Counterstrikle clan

- Gameshaft - Gamers united!

- Xtra-gamers


Other teams better watch out ! Ahoyworld.co.uk is on a roll !!!


See the update on display on the team website: http://kamaradski.com/folding-team/overtake-stats

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  • 1 month later...

Jochem with a BANG !


Has been member of the team for a short while already and currently taking place 6 in the team !!


Welcome and thanks for the contribution :) Happy Crunching !






Since Jochem joined us while already member of this project I have decided to add this project to the official supported list, and create a Ahoyteam for this project.



Asteroids are the most numerous objects in the solar system. So far, hundreds of thousands of asteroids are known, with hundres of new discoveries every day. Altough the total number of known asteroids is large, very little is known about the physical properties of individual objects. For a significant part of the population, only the size of the bodies is known. Other physical parameters (the shape, the rotation period, direction of the rotation axis,...) are known only for hundreds of objects.


Because asteroids have in general irregular shapes and they rotate, the amount of sunlight they scatter towards the observer varies with time. This variation of brightness with time is called a lightcurve. The shape of a lightcurve depends on the shape of asteroid and also on the viewing and illumination geometry. If a sufficient number of lightcurves observed under various geometries is collected, a unique physical model of the asteroid can be reconstucted by the lightcurve inversion method.


The project Asteroids@home was started with the aim to significanly enlarge our knowledge of physical properties of asteroids. The BOINC application uses photometric measurements of asteroids observed by professional big all-sky surveys as well as 'backyard' astronomers. The data is processed using the lightcurve inversion method and a 3D shape model of an asteroid together with the rotation period and the direction of the spin axis are derived.


Because the photometric data from all-sky surveys are typically sparse in time, the rotation period is not directly 'visible' in the data and the huge parameter space has to be scanned to find the best solution. In such cases, the lightcurve inversion is very time-consuming and the distributed computation is the only way how to efficiently deal with photometry of hundres of thousands of asteroids. Moreover, in order to reveal biases in the method and reconstruct the real distribution of physical parameters in the asteroid population, it is necessary to process large data sets of 'synthetic' populations.

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I don't pay attention to this for a little bit, and all of the sudden we have lots of updates happening :)


new members welcome !!

- Brother52  (stats)




- Kennychr (stats)



- RedRuM (stats)




Team overtake !


We also overtook 3 more teams:

- [DOA] Counter-Strike Clan

- Gameshaft - Gamers United!

- Xtra-Gamers


They all bite the dust and have to bow to us now :D 


Thanks guys, keep up the good work and bring some good to the world !!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Welcome: Karate Pyjamas


Another member is making good on medical research from the comfort of their sofa at home :D


Karate Pyjamas has entered the ranks of our team on place 14, bringing home his first 8000 points !!








And our newest member returning his first few research results just yesterday:


Bloo Flar3


Pretty sure he will also climb the rank very quickly and join our top contributes. Welcome onboard !!




Now it starts to be time to have some inter-team competition huh ?? :xD

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