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NEW Farming Simulator 2013 Official Server


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AhoyWorld now have a dedicated server to Farming Simulator 2013, this is run separately to flagship as it actually works out cheaper & more performance efficient this way. If anybody is interested in the server, go into the International lobby & filter for Ahoy and all maps. The server is called AhoyWorld.co.uk Farming with password 101101 and runs a specific modpack (346mb) which adds a multitude of new features and possibilities. A quick rundown of file sizes to put method in the madness:


  • Car for fast travel
  • Livestock trailer
  • Heavy Duty Machinery
  • High tech combine
  • Container mod
  • Milk tanker
  • Placeable objects
  • HQ Tractor unit
  • Concrete weights
  • HQ Custom Map
  • Modern cultivator
  • Mobile fuel tank (FLT)
  • Alternative tipping mod


The modpack is available here (now v2.1)http://tinyurl.com/oovq7p3


Update if you already have v1 or v2http://tinyurl.com/ot2suvs


Simply drag and drop all individual .zip files (don't unzip!) into Users/Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 2013/Mods.


The server is set to automatically pause when no players are on server so crops won't waste away! Also, loading of pigs into the livestock trailer will not work until I've done some tinkering with the map files as it currently will not fit in the shed because of a step in the ground (it may work if you can find a connection point low enough on a tractor to lift the back of the trailer over it!). Also, when using the container trailer, only load 2 boxes of the same type ( 2 green / 2 blue ) or it will yield very undesired results.


My personal aim is to create a container stack instead of storing in silo, so if you see a container stack it's stock I've collected & tracking, there's nothing to say you should all do the same. 


I've created a map of all sale locations here (equipment shop is directly adjacent to the old mill) & you can just make out the road network if you click the image, it's the best map available for sale locations though, so don't even bother trying to find another one! :lol::





Please remember that this is a community farm and that only administrators can buy new tools & that items from the modpack will not actually be in the farm until they are purchased in the store.


Also, this server is actually being subbed by me & takes no funding from AhoyWorld to run.

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Looking forward to hopping in, how does buying stuff work?


Purchases are handled by the server administrators, basically press the 'U' button ingame and type the admin password and press OK. It effectively puts you in the position of owner of the farm where you can see the money and purchase items. I won't be able to give this out across the board as this permission also allows you to edit server settings, so I'll post it privately in the admin forums.

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