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Process Lasso - PC proformance enhancing drug lord???


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Has anyone used this for any length of time that can recommend it / ?



it's been linked to in the guide in this thread on BI forum 



I've been running it for most of today and it seems to do what it says on the tin,

I set it up to run Arma as high priority and everything else low or idle and I appeared to get a boost in game FPS & Load times


it also lets you monitor loads of other processes and adjust a host of other magical jiggery pokerie for ram, cpu & I/O priorities 


but i'm a bit sus as to weather let it meddle too much with the innards of my rig anyone know for sure if it's as good / safe as advertised

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Yeah I do that too but this seems to do some hocus pocus somewhere,

I was testing the Sahrani map I updated and it was taking 2 or 3 minutes to load up and the textures weren't loading onto the hellcat I switched this on with arma set as high priority everything and steam etc idle, it loaded in 30 seconds with full textures.

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  • Disallowed processes, terminate bothersome processes every time they are seen running


ROLF, no comment :P


Im never a really big fan of tools like this, the site its on already gives me the shivers for some reason (just giving it a quick glance that is).

That being sad some of the features mentioned are rather intresting, specially cause there kind of a hassle to adjust in Windows itself.

Iff been trying to find what is lagging out my PC and this tool seems perfect for that job, maybe ill give a try aswell this week on my windows testing boot.


I would be carefull though untill you sure if its not harmfull, it does sound like it can wreck your rig.

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I have been trying this tool today, just for the sake of trying it, so far it seems to be a ok tool, in my case im just to short on resources so it doesnt help for load ballancing but i did find out what the issue was that kept on lagging me (tested in extreem situation server +  client on the same rig, im fine most of the time with minecraft and modded (ftb)). This will really help me on running FTB with a HD texture pack though, i might actually be able to enjoy my game more, instead of the usual waiting for screens/windows/texture to pop up.


But if you are really short on RAM and CPU this tool will just make it a little bit worse, simply cause it wants to do stuff when you PC is hanging up, minor increase in load though (not like opening Windows Preformance monitor or anything lol) and only an issue on the first lag spike the tool does smooth it out and resolves the issue for you witch is kinda nice and prevents a lot of memory/cpu related crashes (dang java ....).


Edit: Sadly for me when i was going over my log files, this tool generated Java errors when tempering with my server instance, so it does seem that it changes some things that not all programs might like. So far that is the only issue i can find though, other then that if you know what everything means and does this tool is safe to use. i haven't fully tested this, but i think the changes made are only active when the core from this programs is running, it seems like everything reverts back to normal after rebooting and not using the tool again.

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