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FSF SacVentral


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Hello comrades.


I was browsing Armaholic website and I how this little beauty :')



FSF SacVentral

ElDoKtor & ToF

This addon allows you to put a backpack in a ventral position. All backpack in the game are supported.
You can now put your backpack in a ventral position to realize a parachute jump from a HALO Helicopter or airplane.
You can carry 2 backpack with this feature for best practice logistics in cooperative play.




Maybe we can add this to our servers wink wink nudge nudge ;D


Ducky Out  :ph34r:

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We could add a limit to it.

For example:

2 assault packs

1 assault pack & 1 kit pack/bergen pack

1 parachute & 1 any backpack

1 assault pack & 1 mortar kit

if a player carry's 1 Carryall Pack then he can't add a backpack

if a player has a re-breather then he can only carry 1 backpack

Or only medic, AT, auto rifleman can add second backpack

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Haven't used it yet, but I thought the mod was to enable halo jumps and still have your backpack when you land, so when you pick up a chute your equipment back gets moved to the joey pouch and the chute appears on your back, when you land the chute gets dropped and the backpack goes back on your back,

If the mod lets you carry 2 backpack then I'd say it's a bit broken

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If I'm not mistaken Jester has already created something which allows you to Halo jump while retaining your chosen backpack and loudout... don't quote me on that though!

True, but it only works if you use the paradrop option and not a manual jump from a helo. With this mod you could jump anywhere.


Also the mod details says:

When you have a backpack in ventral position , the player cant run


So I wouldn't say its broken, its a fair tradeoff.

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