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ThroatChop Here !!!


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Just wanted to introduce my self to everyone.


28 year old gamer that has been in the competitive scene up until recently. Was introduced to ahoy world by a group of your fellow members Dewy, Bronze, Fats, Lord E, Corn Dog, noms, Chon  and OderusUrungus from DayZ. 


Have had a great time and want to branch out with AhoyWorld in Arma 3. Cheers !!!



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Welcome Welcome! I actually just signed up but ive been playing in AhoyWorld servers since last year i think? Anyway, i play DayZ and other games with Chop. We used to run shit in Planetside 2  =D    Excellent and hilarious times in DayZ especially when more than one of us has a few drinks in us, haha. Good times bro, Good times ;D

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